Friday, February 13, 2009

Keeping in Touch-ish

Okay, my Montreal friends, (and some local friends) might not find this very compelling. But I am trying to stay connected even as life takes over, and my blog entries become less frequent. Not that I'm not thinking of all of you, though, because I am. My work on the Montreal book continues apace—the problem is production-related, not literary.

This is a video I put together for some friends of mine here in LA. I've known some of them since I was 17 (!) We all worked together at a summer camp in the wilds of Los Angeles, hundreds of years ago. This was our latest reunion, and I wanted to make a little something special for them. This video was originally posted on YouTube, who promptly removed the audio portion from it, claiming some type of copyright infriingment. Au contraire, but rather than argue, I posted it here for you guys.

So....Im taking a course to be certified to teach English as a second language, planning a trip to Europe in the spring, working on a CD ("Solo Spinout") and writing like a fiend to pay the rent.

You and I are SO up to date now, and yes, of course, I miss you. And you. And you.

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