Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Minutes from Madrid-Chapter 1

Here's how it's gonna be: Having now returned from Madrid with new photos and video, I'll start to tell the story.

The video I shot is high-definition,which means a lot of memory is required to create these videos. So the chapters will be short. You have a far longer attention span than I do, so you'll be just fine. (Yes, I did travel to Geneva in the early '80s to have an attention span implanted, but it didn't take. However, I did manage to have my birthday surgically removed, so....)

That said, here's day one and two.

Brought to you by Degree© deodorant. Used by smart travelers everywhere, but except in Europe, per se.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Move Your Seat Back, Please

Do you know this guy? I met him on a flight from Paris to Los Angeles two weeks ago."Met" is the wrong word, but is it too much to ask NOT to put your seat back the whole way? Apparently for him it is. My hope is that someone who knows him will let him know his creepy, skull-like countenance is on YouTube. And here.

I get irritated just looking at him again. Kinda.

Ok, more to come soon, Astronauts.