Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sorry I Haven't Written

"I've been one poor correspondent, I've been too too hard to find/but it doesn't mean you ain't been on my mind...."
—'Sister Golden Hair,' America

Oh my God, could that be a cheesier intro?
It's dorky, but it kinda explains my position. What's today, May 7th? I've been back in LA for almost three weeks now, and it's surprising how quickly one slips back into old patterns. I mean, I was busy the minute I landed back home. There were things to be done right now. A new issue of the paper was going to press, and the deadline was looming as I touched down. So, I hadn't written.

At a family party, everyone wanted to know about this odd place called Montreal. What was it like? Is it like Moscow? Like Paris? Does anyone speak English? I said, "Um, it snows. A lot." (When I lived in New York, my mom would call me in September, and ask, "Are you cold? Is it freezing there?" I said, "Mom, it's New York City, not Alaska." Same kinda thing.)

I know I said I would write about playing in the Metro, and actually, I still have a lot to say about that. Hopefully I'll write about that tomorrow night.

Let's see:

• Oh, Im sorry about the Canadiens. My brother, who never follows hockey (Don't be fooled by The Ducks. LA is not a hockey town), told me he was rooting for the Bleu, Blanc et Rouge, since I was his only connection to anything in the hockey world.

• This band I have, Ann Likes Red, is opening for Jackson Browne here in LA at a little park just down the hill from my house. Though he is from the neighborhood, he's never played here. Let me know you're coming, I'll try and save you a seat. We go on at 2 p.m., he goes on at 6. What time are you arriving? (If anyone knows where I can buy a t-shirt with the Montreal Metro logo, not the map, please let me know. I wanna wear one for the show.)

• This little video here is from my trip to San Luis Obispo, on California's Central Coast, about 45 minutes from Hearst Castle in San Simeon. (Look it up.)

• I'm going to Italy in July, followed by a week in Spain, then back to Rome, then home. It won't be, but.....hmm, maybe it might be.

• It's raining...

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Philippe-A. said...

Man, I don't know exactly when you left, but I think the minute you got on that plain, summer rushed in.

For 10 straight days, we had unheardof record temperatures of 77 with shining sun (i converted that for you!).

I'm still troubled by all those mini-skirts. Now that's a driving hazard.