Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Parade in Three Minutes

Sometimes I get tired of typing.


Blue said...

Excellent, however you should have been about 3 klicks west (south) to have gotten the REAL feeling of the parade. I wish you had have told me where you were going to be. Ask me, you'll understand.

lauren said...

mr. e....i think i saw mine and my sisters' old catholic school uniforms on some dudes playin the da jig only we had to wear saddle shoes wid em. (well now, at least they got to get jiggy wid em.) har har har! get it? they was playing da jig? but seriously e, those skirts were dang itchy e! i'm no britney spears, (even I'm NOT THAT INNOCENT!) har har har again! I swear I so did NOT get into the green guiness! i'm mostly just feelin rather silly today. it was fun watching your st. pat's day parade. now duty calls: i gotta give a bulldog a pill hidden in a glob of hamburger. i mean steak tarte. i tole you, my life is glamorous, right? ;) then off to a art opening where i'm taking peeps to the gallery owner and one of my friends' who is showing. tis the season! and face it: marshmallow chicks rule! : P Yay!