Sunday, March 2, 2008

Hey Monkeys, I'm back!

13. 5 hours on a train, only to lose my wallet. I promise to update this as soon as I can get VideoTron to answer their phones, and turn the Internet on in my lovely apartment. You know that coffee place on St. Laurent and Prince Arthur? That's where I am. OK, see ya tomorrow. ;-)

OK, OK, you got me. I FORGOT how cold winter can be.
What the F, David Blaine??


Philippe-A. said...

Hey! Welcome back!

Drop me a line when you have some free time, we'll go for a drink. Or I can always take you around for my famous Montreal guided tour (LOVE doing that). As you experienced, it's better to visit by car at this time of year!

Phil from le Journal de Montreal
phil [at ]

Eddie Rivera said...

Ah, merci! I have to get settled, and I definitely want to meet my Montreal friends and see the city from their view. I have lots of cool things planned, and would love to share them with someone besides me.